About Us

Let’s Know Short Story About WinLanka Hospital.

Winlanka can be simply defined as an organization established with the expectation of serving the public without diversity differentiation with an exemplary care relevant with health and well being. Winlanka is considered to be the partner company with  Gomez Hospital Awissawella. In the field of health care industry its vastly observed that the majority of service providers do pay their attention on the financial gain of the specific categories.

Nonetheless Winlanka Hospital prioritize the requirement of out customer at a higher degree. Customer satisfaction and customer delight is our belief and our blessing for the existence of the industry. Since 1989, this establishment was oriented as a small medical center in the area and today we have an advanced development with a realistic dream coming true.

Dr Chathura Weerasinghe had contributed and is being committing his maximum efforts as the Co-founder of the hospital to build and brought up the patient centered service endeavor with a confidential and certitude approach amongst the public.

We: Winlanka believe that our strive towards a humanly committing health care service will lead the industry as a whole towards a better and a victorious future with an undisputed reputation.