Our Team

Our chairperson Dr. R. P. Weerasinghe and founding director Mrs. Diana Weerasinghe hoist the respectable lead of the entire organization.

Dr. C. B. Weerasinghe Managing Director provides the vision and direction towards driving our team in achieving the organizational objectives.

Medical Director and the Head of HR Dr. Mrs. Madhuka Herath guides the staff in achieving satisfaction in their work and believes that a happy staff is the success story of all the institutions that have prospered

Our HR department functions with a vision of communicating the management decisions to the staff, to orient and train the staff for the optimum utilization of the available resources and to provide best customer care at each point of the hospital.

Our Marketing and Business Implementation department is designed and launched to enhance local and international patient care, to provide an exemplary service and thereby develop hospital turnover.

We have a guest relations and a front office department which warmly welcomes patients and make them comfortable while serving their expectations.

Along with the above departments, the whole hospital acts under a decentralized management hierarchy. Our maintenance, quality assurance, health and safety practices, wastage management, housekeeping is monitored by the assigned superiors and the management routinely.

We currently have in-house nurses who are very well trained and skilled to disperse prescribed medications correctly and to conduct medical procedures properly. We have a state of the art laboratory consisting of all the required equipment. The laboratory staffs are dedicated to provide accurate results in QuickTime.

Thus we at Winlanka are proud to call us as a family dedicated to maintain professionalism in fulfilling our client’s health related requirements while creating a homely atmosphere to the client

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